Château d'Eau


We are selling our magnificent Château d’Eau. It has been a difficult decision, as this project is a dream which came true. We are evolving in another direction now and our dream can become yours!

Do you want to acquire the most prestigious offices of the center of Europe, easily accessible for all? Are you looking for an exceptional setting to organise meetings, seminars, conferences or trainings? Would you like to offer your clients a lifetime experience?  

The Château d’Eau is a magical place which boosts business while opening the imagination of everyone.

Initially refurbished as a private house, this former Water Tower offers an exceptional setting for your offices or for the organization of B2B events. With the Chateau d’Eau Brussels will be at your feet. 

You only have to board to fly and know the sky’s the limit.

Valérie & Patrick

Impress your clients

Meet your new friends

We have been working hard developing our customer network, but we also have a secret for our success: our Château d'Eau has superpowers and the first one is to get the attention of everyone. The first reaction every visitor is amazement. This tower inspires again and again. You can’t get enough of it. Our customer network encompasses 200 of the most prestigious Belgian and international companies. We see new clients arriving without advertising and coming back with a smile. They know that here they will get not only first-class services, but also a real experience that they will love to share. Are you ready for it?

You look amazing

Is it really necessary to explain the importance of your company image? There is no better definition of the Château d'Eau as high class. Through our Château your brand can acquire effortlessly a modern, high tech — yet traditional —, top architectural, beautiful, limitless, daring style! You can almost touch airplanes with your hand and still hold your meetings in an inspiring and quiet environment.
What else could you want?

A Golden Investment

Turnover power

The launch of the Château d'Eau was an intense moment in our lives. Was it going to work?
Yes, it did and amazingly: we know now what it is to have a two-digit growth rate. We achieved our profitability goal much earlier than foreseen. We don't accept events during the week-end or school holidays because of our two children and we also keep time for other projects... which means that the Château d'Eau's profitability can be largely expanded. Set your goals. Achieve them. Life is so simple.

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Recurrent customers

Our Fantastic Clients

A Full Tower

Do what you want

The tower is made of five floors. The 3rd, 4th and 5th floor can be used in different ways.
It offers you the ideal space for groups between 1 and 50 persons. Over the years, we have organised many different events: meetings, team building, diners, product launches, concerts, press conferences, promotional campaigns, creativity meetings, etc. Everything has been built to ensure that the architecture and design stays in line with the practical side of things.

You've got it all

There is a total of 450 square meters. Two fully equipped kitchens are waiting to be used by renown chefs. The main bathroom is the most visited bathroom in Belgium! You have a secondary shower and four toilets. The elevator is its spine allowing everybody to have access to your events. The sound isolation is perfect. Home automation covers internet, lighting, security cameras, etc. The building is fully equipped and waiting for your imagination to make it fly.

Nicolas Steylemans | Strategy planner

A Historical Monument

Built between 1939 and 1941, the water tower supplied until 1990 the surrounding villages with drinking water. The recent protection as a monument allowed us to renovate it completely with the help of Mauro Brigham, a renowned Interior Architect. This renovation has been a quest for perfection. All the used techniques and materials are beyond your expectations. Furthermore, its authentic character has been preserved: the former water tank, the original staircases and ceilings and the giant steel water tube are the witnesses of its former live. They are now in perfect harmony with the interior design and the implementation of the most modern equipment.

Our Tower on TV

We regularly catch the interest of press magazines, news and tv shows, going from the New York Times to the Chinese Bund Pictorial. In France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and of course Belgium we received several awards celebrating the architecture, design and originality of our tower. Here are two tv shows organising a complete visit, each in its own way.

A show called Une brique dans le ventre, from a Belgian tv (RTBF). In French only.

The Kirsten Dirksen Show (USA). In English only.

The Castle of Your Dreams

For closure, a little insight in our new quest.

The Perfect Location

An easy ride

All transport means are present: airport, train station (700 meters), roads and bike paths. Each visitor can come in his own way! We also benefit from numerous hotels in the immediate surroundings, allowing travellers to arrange easily for their accommodation.

Naturally international

The proximity of the airport makes of the tower an international symbol. And of course Brussels is the Queen of Europe welcoming numerous European institutions and thousands of international company headquarters.

Château d'Eau

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Sotheby’s International Realty

Sales Contact • Veerle Vierin

+32 474 76 11 87